Linked Data for Professional Educators

Linked Data for Professional Educators (LD4PE) adapts relatively standard WordPress tools to support discovery of learning resources relevant to Linked Data topics. The IMLS-funded project created back-end tools supporting display of a curated list of learning competencies relevant to Linked Data, allowing users to select a competency to view descriptions of learning resources addressing that competency. I have led front-end development and configuration while also coordinating technical architecture with separately hosted open-source back-end components. I have also played a key role in public communications, including presenting at DCMI’s annual meeting in Copenhagen in October 2016.

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Information Architecture for WLA – The Continuing Education Committee of the Washington Library Association initiated a project to review and update content targeted to needs for training and knowledge/skill development among Washington library professionals. I led the project as a contractor for WLA to complete:

  • Inventory existing continuing education content
  • Document stakeholder needs for CE content
  • Develop an information architecture that structures CE content for learner access
  • Identify and prioritize gaps where current content leaves user needs unmet
  • Plan content development efforts to fill those gaps and begin implementation
  • Compile content strategy and maintenance process

Project deliverables:
Stakeholder analysis
Learner personas
Content taxonomy

Process Flows

UW iSchool Curriculum Information Process – To solve problems inherent in the system of course information at the UW iSchool, my project partner and I proposed a substantial consolidation that would gather all information available to current students and the public into a single listing that users can filter based on their criteria.


Axure Wireframes

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Sample Axure Wireframe
Process Activity Flow
Process Activity Flow Diagram
Multiple Destinations - Mobile
Sample Axure Wireframe

Sample wireframes & prototypes — Sample wireframes come from two projects. The first is a proposal addressed to a small firm selling specialized devices for controlling stage audio and lighting equipment and the second from an exercise implementing a business case for multiple-destination flight search serving a business traveler. Instead of the default choice of roundtrip or a one-way option, the traveler decides to consider adding a personal side trip to the return leg of a flight to attend a meeting. Screen grabs from Axure give an idea of the back-end work, and linked prototypes show wireframes for web and mobile device with varying levels of functionality. All are initial products created to spark discussion rather than finalized designs, as is appropriate at the wireframing stage of a project.