The Continuing Education Committee of the Washington Library Association initiated a project to review and update content on targeted to needs for training and knowledge/skill development among Washington library professionals. I undertook the project as a directed fieldwork, working with a subcommittee of members from the CEC under direction from Emily Keller of the UW Libraries and Kate Laughlin of WLA. My project comprised a number of interrelated activities, resulting in a comprehensive package of documentation characteristic of Information Architecture work:

The project supervisor’s evaluation for the project stated:

David clearly brings a great deal of expertise to this work, and it was impressive to see him so systematically and thoroughly apply his skills to this project. The key challenge for him, I imagine, was helping the committee members understand the work while wrangling their input during online meetings and via email. We had to make a number of key decisions during these meetings, and he did a good job of managing multiple perspectives and nutshelling some of the abstract and technical issues for a lay audience. He was consistently respectful, solicitous of input, and happy to address comments and questions. His contributions to the project leave us hoping that he’ll become an active member of the WLA community!

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