Course Description: Develops an understanding of library catalogs as information retrieval systems. Introduces library cataloging and classification. Focus on principles and standards in the creation of catalogs and cataloging records. Includes practice in descriptive and subject cataloging and classification. User perspective emphasized throughout.

Cataloging Issue Analysis for a Sample Resource

The class assignment presented a title page with supplementary information about the resource and required analysis of one important cataloging decision about access points and one decision about description. I discussed justifications for a name added entry for the preface author, who is a prominent writer of children’s literature, as an access point for the resource. I also addressed issues related to the appearance of two publishers on the title page. I include the artifact as demonstration of my perspective on context-sensitive access to resources within guidelines set by rigorous standards such as AACR2.
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Subject Heading Assignment

The assignment called for subject analysis of a web resource reporting survey research about work-life balance among working mothers. I presented a breakdown of the content structure within the resource then selected subject headings from LCSH to provide appropriate access points based on the match between resource content and LCSH scope notes. The artifact demonstrates both keen analytical ability and thoughtful selection of subject headings to provide appropriate access.
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