This will be my professional blog, beginning with accumulation of a portfolio for LIS studies at the University of Washington. It will document my ongoing effort to find the pony.

The Pony Joke

Parents of twin sons were worried. One boy lived every day under a cloud of gloom, always finding reason to worry and complain. The other wore a continual grin, always finding some new reason for joy. The parents thought that both needed awareness of the whole range of life’s experience, and they hired a psychologist to help them lead their sons toward balance.

The psychologist brought the boys to his office for treatment. First, he coaxed the miserable boy to follow him to a room crammed with toys and games, all there just for him. The unhappy child dissolved in tears, saying, “Oh, but what if I break one of them? Then it will be gone!”

After leading the poor boy to be consoled by his parents, the psychologist led the pathologically happy boy to a different room, where only a large pile of horse dung was available. The kid squealed with glee and leapt into the middle of the pile, digging and laughing. The confused psychologist asked, “What are you doing??” The boy shouted, still digging furiously, “There has to be a pony in here somewhere!”

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