Aggregated Aggregation

Aggregation of ownership within the media business has continued to the point that only six sets of management-types control 90% of information content, including what passes for news, available commercially to Americans. The view of who’s supplying what information is even less clear in the mashed up muddle of distributed and aggregated content.

Netflix to IFLA: Huh?

So count me as +1 for the Netflix customers (or maybe the correct term in Netflix’s case is potential former customers) who are puzzled and disappointed by the company’s remarkably …

Noise +1, Signal 0

Or, Where’s the Pony? A couple decisions about my use of social media collided in my head this week. With a medium-weight sigh — definitely subtragic but not trivial, either …

Static flows

A few years ago, early in my transition from editor to IT goon, I had a weird experience that was formative of my IT persona in a lot of ways. I had to send email to a very busy director-level decision maker about some aspect of her program’s web presence. I don’t recall even a tiny detail of what the issue was, but I vividly remember the form of her reply.